We are looking for anticorrosive treatments for aluminium alloys with low environmental impact.

Since 1993 the Corrosion and Protection Group has been working on the development of conversion and anodic layers for the improvement of corrosion behaviour of aluminium alloys.

We are currently working on the study of the compatibility of cerium-based conversion layers with commercial pre and post treatments. We study the use of complex currents for the development of Cr(VI)-free anodizing treatments.

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Non-polluting surface treatments for aluminium alloys.

Conversion layers

Since 1993 the group has been working on the development of conversion layers on aluminium alloys.

The emergence of the REACH regulation has led to an increased interest in the search for methods of protection of low environmental impact.

In this context we are working on the development of conversion layers based on cerium salts for the anticorrosive protection of aluminium alloys used in the aeronautical industry.

Anodizing with complex currents

Anodising treatments have been affected, as have conversion layers, by the REACH regulation.

We are working on the development of Cr(VI)-free anodising processes on aluminium alloys. Specifically, we try to use complex currents for the modulation of the protective properties of anodic layers.

We have facilities to carry out laboratory scale and pilot plant treatments with baths of 150 litre.


These are some of the publications of the members of the Protection and Corrosion Group related to this line of research.


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